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Darfon's Action 1: Reduce gas emissions

Darfon is firmly committed to expanding and promoting energy conservation. We have completed a review and begun to implement a series of administrative actions helping each member of the staff contribute to the conservation effort.

1. Promote and encourage carpooling.
2. Encourage the use of public transit.
3. Don't be idle:
 Besides causing pollution, idling wastes gas. If stopped for more than 60 seconds,
 turn off the engine, and don't bother to 'warm up' your car before driving.
4. Don't run air conditioner when the weather is not hot.


Darfon’s Action 2: Efficient lighting controls

1. Turn off lights, air conditioners, personal PCs and electrical appliances when leaving the office.
2. Turn off lights during lunch break.
3. Walk instead of taking elevator while not taking goods.


Darfon's Action 3: Smarter ways to save paper

1. Always try to use double-sided.
2. Print pages, passages, or sections.
3. Use obsolete printouts for note paper.
4. Print again on the blank side.
5. Encourage use of email to reduce use of paper.
6. Separate and recycle waste.
7. Use handkerchiefs instead of tissue paper.


Darfon’s Action 4: Stop using paper cups


We replaced paper cups with washable, reusable cups in June, 2008.

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