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New Hire Training
In order to make new hire to accommodate Darfon's environment, Darfon designs a unique four-day camp -- Win Camp. During Win Camp, Darfon goals to develop new hire's general abilities and enterprise cultural sense. Within four days, new hire can absorb not only all the related knowledge and skills they will need in Darfon, but also the culture, future, values, missions and spirits of BenQ group.

Leadership Development
Management courses are designed according to "Leadership Program", which is schemed out from the different functions. Managers from different groups are gathered together for the trainings to build friendship, to learn from their fellow workers, and to achieve Synergy. Darfon also collaborates with National Chengchi University to open senior manager's courses, to create common languages and to enhance management efficiency.

Professional Skills Training
Darfon designs a great variety of trainings. The trainings are provided depending on different needs for job functions, such as 8D, SPC,EDA and DOE for R&D staff, SSP for PM and Sale, Line Leader Program for on-site managers.

Team Building Courses
During the two-day annual strategy meeting, Darfon arranges colorful team building courses to build up a common consensus and to encourage the morale. The courses are interactive, interesting and based on solid experiences. During the process of learning, Darfon culture has cultivated into employees' minds.

General Courses

Darfon focuses on the issues that employees concern a lot and invites specialists from all areas. General courses are such as relationships, financials, health, aesthetics and career paths. Others to improve employees' working efficiency are like software trainings, document management and foreign languages. These courses make Darfon employees' work and life balanced.

On-line Learning System- DSL
Through DSL, employees are able to check learning information, to enroll courses, to get approvals, to download text, to fill out surveys, to do self examine, to upload assignment and to read on-line courses! DLS is not limited by time or space, and the learning results are all recorded for employees and managers' reference!

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