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Darfon's Vigorous Facilities
Darfon's Diversified Activities
Darfon's Vigorous Facilities
Darfon's Fitness Center
Darfon’s Fitness Center includes workout facilities, a table-tennis room and an aerobic gymnasium.

Massage Service
For employee’s convenience, Darfon provides on site massage service so that our employees can maintain the best health condition while engaging the job.

Cafeteria and Coffee Bar

With various selections, Darfon’s Cafeteria provides healthy dining choices. Moreover, our Coffee Bar is the best place to meet colleagues and enjoy a temporary break from work together.


Basketball Court

Darfon clearly understands that the success of our company depends greatly on the society and the environment where the company is established. Therefore, we keep giving back to the community and sponsor the Community Establishing Program. The Basketball Court in Chiang Kai Sheik’s Part is one of our plans and we encourage our employees to utilize it to remain healthy.

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