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Enjoy to be a Darfoner

Darfon offers a variety of competitive compensation programs to motivate employees by aligning their personal development and contributions with the company’s long-term business achievements. We reward our employees for the value they add to the company. Award criteria are based on a combination of corporate, team and individual performances.

1.Annual base package includes 12 months' base salary
2.We offer various bonus programs to reward employees for excellent performance that contributes to the success of the company. The payout is based on profitability, employees’ contribution, and performance against corporate-defined goals.

Comprehensive Compensation and Benefits
Full Coverage Insurance Plan

Enjoy our worry-free insurance program as part of your package from the first day you become a Darfoner. In addition to statutory labor and health insurance requirement, Darfon provides extra life, accident, cancer, medical and free comprehensive company insurance programs. Please consult our HR experts for detail.

Flexible Leave Programs
Darfon provides paid annual leave, sick leave and maternity leave and flexible floating holiday arrangement.

Flexible Welfare System

Darfon provides flexible welfare system. Maternity, wedding, hospitalized, birthday, and holiday allowances will automatically be converted into points and you can make your own choice for how and when to use them.
Complete Care Passport
A free Physical Examination is included in your Care Passport package. Health information seminar, physical condition test, and special health examination are provided at regular basis.
Fine Meal and Accommodation
The cafeteria provides various meals from certified food providers, such as cafe, buffet and light meal. As a subsidiary of BenQ group, Darfon’s employees can enjoy the discounts from many of the selected stores, including restaurants, entertaining institutes, traveling services, etc. Darfon also provides dormitory for our employees. Please consult our HR service personnel for detail information.
Comfortable Working Environment
We care about your work and life! At Darfon, we provide on-site services like Darfon Fitness Center, travel agent, post office, massage service and coffee bar to allow employees to achieve a balance between the demands of work and non-work related activities.
Diversified Activities
Darfon’s Welfare Committee holds more then 10 different types of activities for employees each year, such as Family Day, hiking, festival celebrations, Summer Camp for children, a variety of ball games, leisure activities and entertainments.
Continuous Training Programs & Tuition Assistance
In order to achieve superior competitiveness, Darfon provides employees various and continuous internal & external training programs and tuition asistance program. We will do our best to assist you in your learning and growth to help you become more competitive in the future job market.
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